Gopher It



8.8% ABV - The Dalai Lama was once rumored to have said, ‘Gunga galunga… gunga, gunga-lagunga’. While there are many ways to interpret this phrase, we at Baxter take it to express an unconditional love of hops. And not just any hops, the biggest, juiciest, most powerful hops that only the best farmers in the world and their scientific partners in the lab can deliver. That’s why we used only the freshest, sexiest hops for this epic brew, from cryo-processed to our very own custom terpene extract. These hops ride on a plush cloud of wheat and oats that make this big ass beer dangerously delicious to drink. We had to do this because we knew that the only way to follow up on great Fireworks is with an even bigger explosion. BE THE BALL… NANANaNanana…

Gopher It is a seasonal release, available in June and throughout Summer. We’re confident you’ll love it!

*RELEASING JUNE 24 - All orders will be delivered starting the week of June 29!*

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